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More containers for AZ Self Storage, North Shields

More containers for AZ Self Storage, North Shields

Secure Self Storage North Shields New storage containers being delivered to AZ Secure Self Storage. We have a range of containers available, ranging from small 16 sq. ft. up to a massive 320 sq. ft. Our most popular container size is 160 sq. ft. and is the ideal size...

New Containers Delivered

New Containers Delivered

Secure Self Storage Newcastle upon Tyne AZ Self Storage are taking delivery of new containers to meet increased demand. Our self storage containers come in 6 different sizes, suitable for any of your secure storage needs. Based a few miles outside of Newcastle upon...

Do You need Secure Self Storage in Killingworth

Do You need Secure Self Storage in Killingworth

Self Storage Killingworth Are you looking for Secure Self Storage near Killingworth? AZ Self Storage are a local North East storage company with over 20 years experience. Family owned and run we have 5 star customer reviews for providing secure, quality storage....

Container Rain

What is Container Rain? Have you ever forgotten a water bottle in your car on a hot day? When you get back you see that water droplets have begun to climb up the walls of the bottle. The same process that’s occurring in the water bottle can also happen in storage...

Coronavirus COVID-19 Announcement

New Customers Due to the uncertainty of Covid-19 we will be asking for 3 months upfront for vehicle storage bays and a £50 deposit. We are currently trying to come up with a fair agreement for new Storage Container customers. For more information about this, you will...

Condensation in Shipping containers

What is condensation? 2 Definitions of Condensation: Atmospheric moisture that has condensed because of cold The process of changing from a gas to a liquid or solid state. Condensation in Shipping Containers Condensation can occur within 8ft, 10ft, 20ft and 40ft...

Do you need Storage in Wallsend?

Storage Wallsend Are you looking for Secure Self Storage in Wallsend? Whether you need storage for your business archives or simply a place to store your personal things while you renovate or move house, AZ Self Storage has the perfect solution. AZ Self Storage...

Why Use AZ Self Storage

Unlike most of our competitors our secure self storage container roofs are internally coated to prevent condensation. Container condensation is a real risk, especially in the winter months where container rain can occur .

Our containers also have additional ventilation to help prevent condensation.

Coated Containers

Coate containers significantly reduce the risk of damage to your container contents and only cost a little more than vulnerable uncoated ones.

As long as the container is filled with bone dry goods/equipment then the storage container should be fine closed up for at least 2 years, if not longer.

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