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Our self storage facility in Wallsend , near Newcastle upon Tyne is well-covered by multiple CCTV cameras, floodlighting. We also provide 24 hour, 365 days a year access for our customers, which makes it the ideal choice for private/domestic and commercial customers from Newcastle, Whitley Bay, North Shields and Wallsend. Different size containers are available. There are no long corridors. You simply drive your vehicle to your storage container and load or unload into your secure unit. It couldn’t be easier.

Why AZ Self Storage are the best choice

To claim the title of the best ‘container self storage company’ in Wallsend and Newcastle, you must provide compelling evidence. Our insulated internal roofs, treated with GrafoTherm coating to prevent internal container condensation, are a feature that none of our competitors offer. This critical advantage sets us apart, solidifying our position as the best. Our commitment to going the extra mile is what makes us the best container storage company in the North East.

AZ Self Storage also offers the widest range of container sizes, ensuring we have the ideal solution for your self storage needs.

There are no long corridors at our Self Storage in Wallsend. You simply drive your vehicle to your storage container and load or unload into your secure unit. It couldn’t be easier.


Self Storage Wallsend

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AZ Self Storage Blyth & Wallsend
AZ Self Storage Blyth & Wallsend
AZ Self Storage Blyth & Wallsend
AZ Self Storage Blyth & Wallsend
AZ Self Storage Blyth & Wallsend
AZ Self Storage Blyth & Wallsend
AZ Self Storage Blyth & Wallsend

All sizes and dimensions are approximate. Some  sizes may vary very slightly.

Don't worry if you can't see the ideal container size listed above - we have plenty of options! With a variety of container sizes available, we're sure to have the perfect fit for your storage needs. Plus, all AZ Storage containers are lined with a special anti-condensation film from Grafo Therm, so your belongings will stay safe and dry at our facilities.

Call us now and let us find the perfect storage solution for you.

0191 653 1990 or 0785 985 1598

When using our storage facility you MUST wait till the orange light stops flashing to ensure the gates have locked.

No tail gating in or out every customer must register entering and leaving.



(Please note insurance is for Storage Containers only)

Why Use AZ Self Storage

Unlike most of our competitors our secure self storage container roofs are internally coated to prevent condensation. Container condensation is a real risk, especially in the winter months where container rain can occur .

Our containers also have additional ventilation to help prevent condensation.

Coated Containers

Coated containers significantly reduce the risk of damage to your container contents.

As long as the container is filled with bone dry goods/equipment then the storage container should be free of condensation..


At our secure storage facility in Wallsend, we are currently storing the commercial stock, warehouse overspill and household goods of customers from all over the North East. Our customers prefer to have their domestic goods within easy travelling distance. We are near the Tyne Tunnel, minutes from Newcastle upon Tyne, A19 and A1.

Our prices are so competitive, some of our regular storage customers travel from as far away as Blyth & Cramlington in Northumberland. Others will happily cross the Tyne and travel from South Shields, Jarrow and Hebburn.

Special rates for long term storage

Our containerised self storage is by far the most secure means of storing your personal effects, surplus stock or household goods. Plus we have 24 hour CCTV monitoring.

24 hour access, 7 days a week. With floodlights and the ability to reverse your vehicle right up to the container, it couldn’t be easier.

For more details or to book your storage container, call 0191 653 1990.

You MUST read our Terms and Conditions before making an online booking. Proceeding with a booking will be taken as confirmation of acceptance of our Terms and Conditions

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AZ Self Storage Ltd

Wallsend, Blyth, North Shields, Newcastle upon Tyne and Whitley Bay.

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Swearing, threats or any act of violence will NOT be tolerated.

Anyone giving verbal abuse to any member of our team during a phone call, will have that call terminated immediately. If it occurs again then all future communication will be handled via email.