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Our self storage facility is well-covered by multiple CCTV cameras, floodlighting. We also provide 24 hour access for our customers, which makes it the ideal choice for private/domestic and commercial customers from Newcastle, Whitley Bay, North Shields and Wallsend. Different size containers are available. There are no long corridors. You simply drive your vehicle to your storage container and load or unload into your secure unit. It couldn’t be easier.

Why Use AZ Self Storage

Unlike most of our competitors our secure self storage container roofs are internally lined to prevent condensation. Container condensation is a real risk, especially in the winter months where container rain can occur .

Lined Containers

Lined containers significantly reduce the risk of damage to your container contents and only cost a little more than vulnerable unlined ones.

Our clients may only enter AZ Self Storage Ltd secure facility by using their own active Fob.

For security you MUST not let anyone in or out on your Fob . They MUST use their own period.

You MUST keep the entrance blocked with your vehicle till the gate is shut at all times so no one can squeeze past. In the unlikely event this happens please report it immediately.

AZ have the utmost respect for your security.


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At our secure storage facility in North Shields, we are currently storing the commercial stock, warehouse overspill and household goods of customers from all over the North East. Our customers prefer to have their domestic goods within easy travelling distance. We are near the Tyne Tunnel, minutes from Newcastle upon Tyne, A19 and A1.

Our prices are so competitive, some of our regular storage customers travel from as far away as Blyth & Cramlington in Northumberland. Others will happily cross the Tyne and travel from South Shields, Jarrow and Hebburn.

Special rates for long term storage

Our containerised self storage is by far the most secure means of storing your personal effects, surplus stock or household goods. Plus we have 24 hour CCTV monitoring.

24 hour access, 7 days a week. With floodlights and the ability to reverse your vehicle right up to the container, it couldn’t be easier.

You have the option to supply your own lock or, for a refundable deposit, use one of ours.

For more details or to book your storage container, call 0191 653 1990.

5 foot containers are approx.5'x8'x8½'=40 sq. ft.=340 cu. ft.
10 foot containers are approx.10'x8'x8½'=80 sq. ft.=680 cu. ft.
20 foot containers are approx.20'x8'x8½'=160 sq. ft.=1360 cu. ft.
(Enough for an average 3 bed house)
30 foot containers are approx.30'x8'x8½'=240 sq. ft=2108 cu. ft.
40 foot containers are approx.40'x8'x8½ =320 sq. ft=2720 cu. ft

Terms and Conditions

1) Customers must provide personal details and identification in the form of Driving Licence or Passport and recent utility bill.

2) Storage charges are based on a minimum period of one calendar month and do not include insurance. Whilst AZ will take the utmost care with your furniture/goods, we accept no liability for unstable, unprotected and unwrapped furniture /mattresses/glass etc, unless you have paid AZ to wrap and pack.

3) It is not permitted to store the following: Animals, foodstuffs or other perishable goods, explosive materials, inflammable items, fuel, oils, toxic substances, items needing a controlled environment. You may not store anything that is illegal to be in possession of, under UK law.

4) Customers must give a minimum of 14 clear days notice in writing when they wish to have goods removed from storage. Storage charges are payable to the end of this 14 day period, even if goods are able to be removed earlier. Keys & Fobs must be returned in a named envelope through the letter box to the right of the gate on the day storage is vacated; costs incurred to AZ as a result of not following this request will be charged to your account.

5) Storage charges are subject to revision and customers will be given 30 days notice of any change.

6) AZ Storage may terminate the storage agreement at any time giving 30 days notice.

7) Payment for storage is to be made a minimum of 1 calendar month in advance. Initial deposits/payments may vary. If a customer opts to pay 6-12 months in advance to benefit from a discount, no refunds are given should the customer chose to leave before this paid period ends.

8) Payment can be made by credit card, debit card, standing order, or cash. Credit checks may apply.

9) A late payment admin fee of £40 is applied to your account should your card decline to pay us on the agreed date . Late payers will be charged an additional £10 for every week (7Days) they are late.
a) The late payment fees will be charged if payment is not received into our bank by the due date and you are in arrears ( we do not offer credit so don’t ask please )
b) Your container will be locked on the due date if we have not received payment or your card details decline payment.
c) Costs incurred in pursuing the arrears will be added to your bill, including but not limited to £30.00 + VAT plus £0.10 + VAT per mile for visits to your contact premises.
d) You may also be given notice to remove your goods from AZ Self Storage within 14 days.
e) If you do not clear your arrears and charges incurred you will be given 28 days notice of disposal of your goods in writing to the address or email we have on record and pursued through the court for the costs incurred.
f) Customers who are in arrears are not allowed to enter the yard even if their fobs are not yet locked out. They must communicate via email or phone to sort out payments due before access is permitted again.
g) Your site fob will be deactivated.

10) A full inventory, (including condition) of items to be stored must be attached to, or written on the reverse of the storage agreement, by the customer and signed by a member of AZ Staff. Failure to do so will invalidate any insurance/liability agreement.

11) Our liability for loss or damage is limited to £50.00 per individual item or pair. You may request us to increase our liability subject to our express written agreement in advance of carrying out the removal and/or storage and payment of an additional charge.

12) Except for Self Storage, visits to your storage may incur a small administration charge.

13) AZ Storage will not be responsible for any damage caused by insects, rodents etc, which have been locked into the container at the time of loading.
13a) Moisture trapped inside the container may give rise to condensation, in rare cases. The customer is responsible for providing moisture absorbers to reduce this risk. AZ Storage will not be held responsible for damage caused by condensation.
13b) AZ Storage Ltd will not be liable for any injury whatsoever caused by falls or slipping on our premises due to ice or snow or rain. You do not have permission to enter the yard in these conditions and if you do so it is entirely at your own risk . In these rare conditions 24 hour access does not apply.

14) Customers must not sublet, alter containers or run a business from their unit, unless agreed in writing by AZ Storage.

15) AZ Storage may enter any storage unit, without giving notice, to assess and conduct repairs or if the customer is in breach of the storage agreement.

16) The customer will be charged for any damage to the Storage Container (save reasonable wear and tear) They will also be charged for the clearing of any mess left behind or costs incurred to dispose of any items left.

17) In the unlikely event that the fob reader fails and locks a client in or out we cannot except any liability for the consequences or difficulties this situation may incur. However we will do what is reasonably possible in each particular circumstance to remedy the situation.

18) The provided card details for payment / rental are also used as a damage deposit to allow us to deduct any damage or cleaning costs to the container rented if it is not left in the condition it was rented i.e. scraped walls damaged floors that need repainted and repaired or cleaned (capped at £500) and that the contract can not be ended until such repairs or cleaning have taken place. The customer is still liable for rent after notice period to cover down time which is the period it cannot be rented to a max of 3 months please note this amount is separate from the repair and cleaning costs . If the card declines payment the customer must pay us immediately or AZ Storage Ltd will Pursue the customer through the small claims court with the terms and conditions of rental that they signed this could badly effect the customers credit rating .

19) AZ Storage ltd will not be liable for your goods if another company moves you out of storage this will forfeit any of our limited liabilities.

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