Container Internal Coating

What is condensation?

Air is a mixture of gases. There is always vapour in the air, and there is more of it when the temperature is high. When the vapour meets a cold surface it condenses into water. Condensation always occurs when the surface temperature is down to and below the so called dew point. ​In buildings with a single skin roof system, condensation occurs during the quick changes in weather. The temperature of a steel roof may, due to rain or heat radiation during the night, fall as much as 5° below the inside temperature. ​These circumstances do not usually last long. The problems caused by condensation can easily be prevented by applying an anti-condensation coating.

How Does it Work?

Container Internal Coating

In the dry state, our internal coating is an efficient thermal insulant, albeit that a 1.5mm thickness would not be efficient against heat loss, it does put back the time before dew point occurs, thereby preventing or considerably reducing the periods during which condensation forms. Thereby reducing the amount of condensation formed during any one 24-hour period.

Whenever dew point is reached on the surface, condensation will form and this will immediately be absorbed by the coating. A 1.5mm thickness can absorb and control against dripping up to 1.0 litres moisture per m².

Having absorbed moisture, it is important to effect rapid evaporation and removal from the cavity, when conditions change to drying.

For example, when sprayed onto a 1000m² corrugated roof, the textured finish of the compound effectively increased for specific drying surface by at least 10 times – 10,000m², on most corrugated sheets this can be increased by 20% to allow for corrugations – 12,000m² of drying surface.

Our internal coating has proven absorption and capillary capabilities assures maximum benefit from this large specific drying surface, enabling fast and efficient cyclic drying.

The release properties of our internal coating are faster per thickness and area than competitive materials which rely on greater thickness being applied.

More than condensation control

In its light grey colour our internal coating provides an attractive textured surface, in white it provides excellent light reflection.

Standard colours available are light grey or white.

Corrosion Protection

Internal protective coating provides indirect protection against corrosion by absorbing moisture, that might otherwise form droplets to run over an untreated surface, setting up conditions for corrosion. On an untreated surface, droplets can contain a large amount of water with a small surface area, onto which a surface film will form to inhibit evaporation when conditions change to drying. A coated surface has a very large specific surface which enables water to evaporate quickly, thereby reducing the time which water could affect the painted surface.

Why use AZ Self Storage ?

Container Internal Coating

Unlike most of our competitors our secure self storage container roofs are internally coated to prevent condensation.

Coated and treated containers significantly reduce the risk of damage to your container contents. As long as the container is filled with bone dry goods/equipment then the storage container should be fine closed up for at least 2 years, if not longer.

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