What is Container Rain?

Have you ever forgotten a water bottle in your car on a hot day? When you get back you see that water droplets have begun to climb up the walls of the bottle. The same process that’s occurring in the water bottle can also happen in storage containers—on a much larger scale.

Container rain is caused by moisture. The moisture in the air gets trapped in the container. As the air in the container settles, the moisture condenses in colder areas of the container. When the container heats up again, the condensed water expands and rises to the top of the container, clinging to the walls and ceiling.

As temperatures increase, the moisture climbs up the interior of the container before dripping down— this is what is commonly referred to as container rain.

Should container rain drip into your stored goods, moisture-sensitive goods may begin to grow mould, while other stored goods can be permanently damaged or destroyed due to warping and corrosion.

At AZ Self Storage we have measures in place to help prevent Container Rain. Find out more.