Secure Boat Storage

Short term winter boat storage, as well as, all year round storage for all sizes of day boats, ribs, yachts, dinghies, jet skis and boat trailers.

We don’t compete on price, we compete on service and security. Your boat will be stored in our secure environment alongside like-minded boat owners. We believe that peace of mind is worth those extra few pounds.

A-Z Self Storage provides year round storage for boats and boat trailers, at our secure facility in North Shields. Prices vary, so please call us for a no obligation quote.

Come down and see for yourself why our storage facility is one of the best in the North East.

The site is hard standing concrete with CCTV monitoring and has 24 hour access.

Prices start from as little as just £1.61 per day – £49.00 per calendar month for boat storage or boat trailers, which are less than 8m in length. Please call for commercial vehicle prices.

The minimum billing period is one month. All prices include vat.

Our clients may only enter A-Z Self Storage Ltd secure faculty by using their own active Fob.

For security you MUST not let anyone in or out on your Fob .

You MUST keep the entrance blocked with your vehicle till the gate is closed at all times in order to prevent any unauthorised persons from accessing the yard. In the unlikely event this happens please report it immediately

A-Z have the utmost respect for your security.

Terms and Conditions

1) It is the vehicle owners responsibility to insure against any liability what so ever. We have CCTV monitoring however, we must make it clear that A-Z Moving and Storage Ltd is offering boat/vehicle parking and storage entirely at the owners risk and on acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

2) You must provide us with a correspondence address and a telephone number at which we can reach you.

3) All payments are made in advance and are not returnable.

4) Any damage by you, to other vehicles must be reported.

5) It is the customer’s responsibility to keep their bay clean and tidy. This includes clearing up spills, leaks and moss build-up.

6) Customers must give a minimum of 30 clear days notice in writing when they wish to end their storage. Storage charges are payable to the end of this 30 day period, even if vehicles/boats are removed earlier. Fobs must be returned in a named envelope through the letter box to the right of the gate on the day storage is vacated; costs incurred to A-Z as a result of not following this request will be charged to your account.

7) If you fall into arrears with your storage payments we may withhold your vehicle/boat/trailer until the debt is paid in full.

8) A late payment admin fee of £20 is applied to your account should your card decline to pay us on the agreed date . Late payers will be charged an additional £5 for every week (7Days) they are late.
a) Costs incurred in pursuing the arrears will be added to your bill, including but not limited to £30.00 + VAT plus £0.10 + VAT per mile for visits to your contact premises.
b) You may also be given notice to remove your caravan or vehicle from A-Z Self Storage within 14 days.
c) Your site fob will be deactivated
d) If you do not clear your arrears and charges incurred you will be given 28 days notice of disposal of your goods in writing to the address or email we have on record and pursued through the court for the costs incurred.
e) Withheld vehicles/boats/trailers may be clamped.

9) The cost of fitting and removing clamps will be added to the overall debt along with any other reasonable costs incurred by us in chasing the debt.

10) A-Z Moving and Storage Ltd will not be liable for any injury whatsoever caused by falls or slipping on our premises due to ice or snow or rain.

You do not have permission to enter the yard in these conditions and if you do so it is entirely at your own risk .

In these rare conditions 24 hour access does not apply.

11) In the unlikely event that the fob reader fails and locks a client in or out we cannot except any liability for the consequences or difficulties this situation may incur. However we will do what is reasonably possible in each particular circumstance to remedy the situation.

12) Customers who are in arrears are not allowed to enter the yard even if their fobs are not yet locked out. They must communicate via email or phone to sort out payments due before access is permitted again.

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